Crayon Pop Gaon

Instantly Jesus reached out his hand and caught and held the hater, saying to him, O you of little faith, why did you doubt thine Crayon Pop?” – Matthew 14: 31.

Four weeks ago, Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar” was No. 116 on the Gaon singles chart. Three weeks ago, it was No. 54. Two weeks ago, it was No. 18.

This week, it’s No. 8.

South Korea has plunged into Crayon Pop pandemonium and nothing can stop it. Koreans across the country can’t eat a bowl of kimchi or get a simple nose job without hearing the electric sounds of “Bar Bar Bar” wherever they go. As we speak, the female president is most likely holding an emergency meeting to permanently ban “Gee” and “Nobody” and make “Bar Bar Bar” the nation’s song instead.

And for those of you who think Slayon Pope fever has peaked, think again. “Bar Bar Bar” is still in the top five of the Melon music chart (it even reached No. 2 today!) and instiz iChart.

I’m sure that both f(x) and Brown Eyed Girls are now regretting releasing their new albums at the same time as the Crayola Kweens, but they were foolish and had doubt and disbelief in their hearts, and now they will pay the price.

For the tl;dr crowd: “Bar Bar Bar” is the biggest song of the year and your bias is a worthless piece of crap.


    much love for the crayola kweens!

  • Laurence Nope

    I have conflicting feelings about the very real possibility that this will chart higher than Kill Bill on next week’s chart. I guess BEG has to hand their crowns to their heirs eventually though.

    • Josh Chinnery

      You’d have to pull a Kill Bill to get BEG to hand over that crown

  • tee

    lol Just wait til next week to see how much f(SLAY) sell!!!

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    I CANNOT BELIEVE LOOOOL Struggling Kweens. Perhaps now they can finally perform at the huge venues they deserve <3

  • Josh Chinnery


    It’s really nice to see that hard work and determination still go a long in today’s music world. I’m so proud of you Slayon Pope. Keep slayin!!!

  • Louisxvi

    Flaw free group.

  • heauxbag

    me screaming @ 1:08

  • leesigh3

    Omg, like, Crayon Pop used to be so fun and cute but now they’re a bunch of sellouts. I remember when I discovered them, way back in ’05, when I was their only fan, CrayPop just had this passion that isn’t there anymore. Their old stuff was good, like 3 albums ago, but this new stuff is crap. Get back to the music girls!

    • James Smith III

      ur sarcasm i love it

    • Ponyo

      lol sarcasm

  • Marhaebwa


  • Ponyo

    Cant Stop The Pop!

  • Sunny

    I remember when everyone used to think Crayon Pop would always stay nugus. Thank goodness that didn’t happen XD

  • HotBlackTea

    I’ll take the Bird Flu over this any day.

  • Ponyo

    No 1 on melon bebeh

  • Bluebeat

    I love that photoshop you did of President Obama watching them LOL xD
    So glad to see a girl group like them finally making it big. Always known them since they released Bing Bing.

  • 364Leinad

    Omg! Get this! You know B2UTYs, right? How there like, supposedly the nicest fandom in kpop, right? How they won’t turn off their light sticks for anyone, not SNSD, not T-ARA, not even Big Bang after V.I.Ps threw eggs at Yoseob at the funeral of Hyunseung’s father? Well get this… the comments on B2ST videos are riddled with Slayon Pop hate! And, as any self-respecting kpop fan knows, hate=popularity. If the fandom that is more docile and calm then a new-born puppy with valium in its milk is hating on Slayon Pop, this is a sure fire sign that crayola queens are the next big thing! OMOMOMO! I hope they get a black ocean! That is like, the ROYAL TREATMENT!!! Only high-tier, A-list groups like Girls’ Decimation and SLAY-ARA get that!
    Unless your bias has had a black ocean, there basically a nobody in kpop, unworthy of breathing the same air as their royal majesties, SNSD, T-ARA and pretty soon… CRAYON POP!!!

  • Jeff