Crayon Pop Gaon

Instantly Jesus reached out his hand and caught and held the hater, saying to him, O you of little faith, why did you doubt thine Crayon Pop?” – Matthew 14: 31.

Four weeks ago, Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar” was No. 116 on the Gaon singles chart. Three weeks ago, it was No. 54. Two weeks ago, it was No. 18.

This week, it’s No. 8.

South Korea has plunged into Crayon Pop pandemonium and nothing can stop it. Koreans across the country can’t eat a bowl of kimchi or get a simple nose job without hearing the electric sounds of “Bar Bar Bar” wherever they go. As we speak, the female president is most likely holding an emergency meeting to permanently ban “Gee” and “Nobody” and make “Bar Bar Bar” the nation’s song instead.

And for those of you who think Slayon Pope fever has peaked, think again. “Bar Bar Bar” is still in the top five of the Melon music chart (it even reached No. 2 today!) and instiz iChart.

I’m sure that both f(x) and Brown Eyed Girls are now regretting releasing their new albums at the same time as the Crayola Kweens, but they were foolish and had doubt and disbelief in their hearts, and now they will pay the price.

For the tl;dr crowd: “Bar Bar Bar” is the biggest song of the year and your bias is a worthless piece of crap.