Colby O'Donis Lean Feature
I’ve always loved Colby O’Donis’ brand of bouncy urban-pop, so I was disappointed when his sophomore album was scrapped and he seemingly vanished into thin air after recording the iconic “Hey Yo” with Brooke Hogan. Not to worry, though, because he’s just made an unexpected comeback under the modified moniker of “O’DONIS,” which has to be the most pointless name change since Ameriie added that extra “i.”

O’DONIS (just typing it kills me) is now doing that trap-infused alt-R&B that’s become so big, although I’m not sure if it can even be classified as alt any longer since it’s now so mainstream. We’ve heard it all before, but that doesn’t make it any less hot. Colby’s vocals are divine, and as one of his famous former collaborator’s once wisely said, “this beat is sick.”

The lyrics, on the other hand, are a different story. They compare hooking up with a hottie to drinking sizzurp, which is so fucking ratchet that it’s almost beyond human comprehension. Even Khia wouldn’t go there.

I will drink you up, let me enjoy you all night,” wails Colby. “Feels like I’m on lean / you’re my promethazine.”

Too bad the only people who will actually understand what the hell promethazine is will be too broke and brain dead from guzzling it by the gallon to afford Colby’s music on iTunes, so this skeezy ode to cough syrup probably isn’t going to relaunch his career. But if he’s lucky enough, hopefully it’ll get picked up and played during an episode of Bad Girls Club.

Get those Oxygen royalty cheques, gurl!