Brown Eyed Girls Moody Night Beatles Code
Brown Eyed Girls’ “Moody Night” was never an official single, but the song still occasionally manages to get in the spotlight four years after it was originally released as part of the Sound-G album. It was performed once properly on TV, used as the official promo song for the group’s Tonight 37.2°c concert, and earlier this week, BEG delivered an impromptu performance of the sensual anthem during an appearance Beatles Code with those EXO nugus.

Since “Moody Night” is one of the sexiest pop songs ever made, I’ll basically find any excuse to write about it, and this is one of those occasions.

BEG’s Beatles Code performance of the smouldering anthem was done in jest to keep in with the tone of the show, but even with the girls just goofing off, they were still able to hyponotize EXO’s bug-eyed ugly duckling, Xiumin, with their raw sex appeal. While the rest of EXO just laughed awkwardly, Xiumin was locked in a trance as he saw Narsha’s famous curves in action just a few short meters away from where he was seated.

Xiumin’s lust for Korea’s hottest unnies was further revealed when he proudly named Goddess Narsha as the sexiest member of the group, causing her to blush like the innocent virginal schoolgirl that she is. While the other EXO members skirted around the question or became embarrassed due to their lack of confidence and fear of the wrath of their delusional fangirls, Xiumin voiced his desire for Narsha without a moment’s hesitation.

Narsha kiss GIF

As for the rest of the show, it was mostly just the hosts teasing Miryo about all her rumoured plastic surgery, and then later teasing the adorable D.O. for having narrow shoulders until he almost cried. They also made BEG scream in horror when they showed some old, pre-surgery footage of the group, which was clearly doctored and photoshopped. Everybody knows that BEG are all divine natural beauties birthed from the vagina of God himself — anyone who says otherwise is just pressed, jealous, and unpleasant to look at.

So, to sum it all up, Narsha remains the most sought after woman in Korea and your fave is a disgusting slob who cannot compare to her alluring beauty.

Part 1

Part 2 (“Moody Night” begins at 16:45)