Bonnie McKee VMAs
If you were fortunate enough to catch me live tweeting the MTV VMAs yesterday, then you would’ve seen this tweet about Bonnie McKee not attending the show. Apparently, Bon Bon was too busy finishing her album and going to Disneyland to attend the biggest night in pop music, which is pretty weird for a fame-hungry songstress like herself. If you’ve followed her career over the past few years, then you’ll that Bon Bon will usually show up to the opening of an envelope in the tackiest outfit she can think of just to get written about on “worst dressed” lists the next day, so her absence from the VMAs is suspicious, to say the least!

Did Katy Perry ban her frenemy from the show so the divine “American Gurls” wouldn’t overshadow “Snore”? Did Sara Bareilles slash Bon Bon’s tyres, thus leaving her stranded in California and unable to hitch a ride to Brooklyn? We may never know the answer, but not physically attending the VMAs still wasn’t enough to stop Bon Bon from doing this:

Girl, we know those aren’t your fans crashing the VMAs. The fact that you cut a cheque to get Wet Seal to send a bunch of chicks dressed like you holding posters promoting your new single is NOT cute.

Don’t make me bust out a modified version of the Mean Girls fetch quote with “Bonnie McKee” instead of “fetch,” because believe me, I’ll do it.

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