BoA Action

It’s been a while since we got a real balls-to-the-wall dance bop from BoA. Her last three singles were all midtempos of varying speeds, but nothing that you could really pop your pussy to. She’s not quite ready to make a full-fledged K-pop comeback yet, but she has briefly returned to the dance-pop genre with a special new digital single called “Action,” which is being used to promote some fancy Korean art festival.

“Action’s” got all the bells and whistles of any generic American EDM tune –Flo-rida-esque dance beats, brostep breakdowns, empowering and repetitive lyrics– but it’s done so well that it’s easy to just throw your hands up and surrender, guilt-free. Producer Yoo Young Jin deserves most of the credit for this: He really couldn’t make a bad song if he tried.

If this was BoA’s official comeback single and not just a random one-off release, I wouldn’t be mad.