Beyonce Short Hair 2

As Katy, GaGa, RiRi, and Crayon Pop continue to outshine Beyonce, the Klown Bey’s attempts at clinging to relevancy are becoming more and more desperate. Her latest stunt to stay in the headlines sees the serial leg spreader pulling a Miley Cyrus and cutting her hair short, then posting the photos on instagram so places like E! News will write about it.

Miley Cyrus Hair

When Miley and Rihanna cut their locks off, they looked like fly fashionistas. Beyonce just looks like your friend’s momma. I mean, really? You actually thought this suburban housewife hairdo would look good, girl? Go home and look after your kid, or in your case, fluff a pillow. And what is with this wannabe-supermodel pose in the mirror? Does Mrs. Sharter think she’s Iman now? No.

Ah, I’m sorry guys. I’m totally overreacting to this whole thing. Bey probably didn’t even cut her hair in the first place; this is just what she looks like when she doesn’t have one of those ratty Mi-goreng noodle weaves sewn into her skull. She just needs to take that shit off once a month to let her brain breathe, and this time she decided to selfie it for the Beyhive. You better air that empty cavern out, Ms. thang!

Beyonce Short Hair