Beyonce Narsha
After trying and failing to become the new Miley Cyrus with her soccer mama pixie cut, Beyonce has now turned her attention elsewhere in another one of her increasingly desperate attempts to remain relevant.

Mrs. Sharter has STOLEN Narsha’s breathtakingly bodacious ensemble from Brown Eyed Girls’ “Recipe” performance on Inkigayo. She also glued some cheap Jessica Simpson HairDo extentions into her head to emulate the looks of R&B style icons, Ciara and Nicki Minaj, as well as the trendsetting originator of the style, Victoria Beckham.

The soda spokeswoman has already filmed a new music video wearing the weave, so I guess she’s trying to make this the signature hairdo for her new album — just like Rihanna’s been doing since Good Girl Gone Bad.

Poor eBey is trying so hard to be stylish now, but it’s too little, too late. No matter how hard she tries to be the black Narsha, we’ll never forget her Dereon days or her Mi-goreng noodle wigs. NEHVAH!

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[Via toyaz-world / @NicoleNaeun]