BANKS Waiting Game
Some of you might remember BANKS from my old blog, where I wrote about her songs “Before I Ever Met You,” “Fall Over,” and “Work.” They all ended on the excellent Fall Over EP, and come September 10, BANKS’ will drop her second EP, London. The main single from the four-track set is the brooding, “Waiting Game,” which just received the music video treatment today.

BANKS only debuted at the beginning of this year, but she’s already subtly morphed sounds several times. She started out like a hybrid of Fiona Apple and Portishead on “Before I Ever Met You,” turned into Siobhan Donaghy’s evil twin sister on “Fall Over,” stepped into subdued altronica on the gorgeous “Warm Water,” and now she’s giving us Weeknd realness on “Waiting Game.” (The latter is very appropriate, considering that she’s going to open for him on tour.) So far everything she’s put out is different, but still BANKS, and always completely incredible.

With indie-pop divas back in vogue again, BANKS stands a real chance of breaking out in a big way in the very near future. Stay tuned.