Ariana Grande Right There Lil' Kim
Lil’ Kim’s Hard Core is easily one of my favourite hip-hop albums of the ’90s, and it might be one of Ariana Grande’s, too, since she’s just sampled “Crush On You” in her latest song, “Right There.”

Technically, the sample comes from The Jeff Lorber Fusion’s “Rain Dance,” which is where Kim originally got it from, but the blogs are reporting that Ariana pulled from Kim’s Hard Core hit. Maybe she sampled both? Kind of confusing, but shit’s fire either way, so whatever.

“The Way” hitmaker, Harmony Samuels, is behind the production, so “Right There” does contain similarities to Ariana’s breakout single (in the absolute best way possible). Big Sean jumps on for a feature, which is a pretty perfect match for a 2013 hip-pop cut paying homage to one of the hottest rap hits of the ’90s. Sean’s commercial and current, but still credible enough to get on Pitchfork. Plus, like Lil’ Kim, he’s a lil’ dirty.

I know people are losing their wigs over “Baby I” at the moment, but “Right Now” is literally everything, and that needs to be acknowledged by y’all.

Mariah must be so damn pressed over Ariana’s album. Makes me wonder if she or her people pushed back her own album so she could record a bunch of ’90s urban jams like Ariana. You’ve gotta admit that it’s kind of fishy that Mimi suddenly delayed the disc despite that Miguel song about hashtags doing fairly well on the Hot 100.

What do you guys think? Both about this flawless song and Mariah’s whole, uh, ‘situation.’