Pink Tape

It’s taken me some time to fully immerse myself in f(x)’s Pink Tape album because the girls inconveniently released it on the same day as Brown Eyed Girls’ Black Box. Not to mention the same week as other huge pop releases from the likes of AlunaGeorge, Annie, and VIXX. It was just too much to digest all at once.

After finally getting into it properly, I’ve concluded that Nu ABO will probably always be my favourite f(x) album, but that Pink Tape comes pretty damn close to matching it (if it was a mini-album with the five best tracks, it would for sure). Listening to it reminds me just how much interesting pop music people who don’t follow the bubblegum beats of the East are missing out on. But that’s their fucking loss.

Most people cite the twinkly “Shadow” as Pink Tape’s stand-out moment, but I’ve gotta give it to “Airplane” as the best of the bunch. It’s pretty, soaring euro-dance with J-pop electronics that sound like they belong in a Perfume song. It’s beautiful and euphoric, and the most infectiously-joyous thing the group’s done besides the Sweetune-produced “Love” (which just so happens to be Grimes’ favourite K-pop song, FYI). It’s so good that f(x) should’ve saved it for a Pink Tape repackage single instead of just delegating it to mere K-side status.

“Airplane’s” sheer magnificence is all thanks to Dsign Music, who are quickly establishing themselves as the best and most forward-thinking commercial pop music producers in the world right now. They’ve already knocked-out a slew of perfect pop gems like SNSD’s “I Got a Boy,” EXO’s “Wolf,” Namie Amuro’s “Fast Car,” and most recently, FAKY’s “Better Without You” — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. “Airplane” is just as good as any one of those songs, and in a perfect world, it’d be Britney or Kylie’s big comeback single.

Get into it, below.