2NE1 Do You Love Me

In my scathing review of 2NE1‘s long-overdue comeback single, “Falling In Love,” I gave the reggae snoozer a very generous 5/10 in hopes that it would grow on me (it didn’t) and to avoid deluded Blackjacks backlash. Since my review, I’ve actually grown to hate it even more, going as far as to remove it from my Spotify in case it accidentally starts playing after I listen to one of 2NE1’s good songs, like “Scream” or “Hate You.” The phony foursome’s now back with another single called “Do You Love Me,” and while it somehow manages the near impossible feat of being even more generic than “Falling In Love,” it’s also infinity better.

“Do You Love” is essentially a less creative version of the electro-heavy “I Am The Best,” with a few ’90s house music influences predictably thrown in to keep up with current EDM trends. This isn’t a bad thing considering that “I Am The Best” is one of the group’s few flawless moments. I’d much rather hear them rehash it than continue to try new things and fail, like with “Falling In Love” and “Ugly.” Despite the talent and charisma of CL, 2NE1’s not exactly a versatile group, but at least they’re sticking to one of the few things they’re good at.

Also, I need to mention that Dara is the best part of this song, just like she was in “I Love You.” Pretty hilarious considering that she’s actually one of the least talented idols in all of K-pop. Reminds me of when Qri slayed the outro to “Cry Cry,” tbh.

Anyway, as much of a bop as the song is, the music video is a fucking travesty. It’s supposedly self-filmed by 2NE1 due to their busy schedule being too packed to shoot a professional K-pop clip, but I don’t buy it. Papa YG’s just trying to promote their ‘fun’ personalities now that he’s desperately whoring them out on variety shows and music programs to sustain their shaky popularity. The whole thing could’ve been awesome if executed better, but the girls just look corny and annoying 90% of the time. Even Girl’s Day’s self-filmed “Don’t Flirt” video was better than this (but that’s a given, since Girl’s Day >>>> 2NE1). Instead of goofing off in an attempt to flaunt their comedic chops, they should’ve just done a fierce party concept — think Chae Yeon’s “Shake,” but cool glossy 2NE1 style, not c-grade K-diva trash.

A lot of people are gonna hate “Do You Love Me” and I can understand why, but what do y’all expect? It’s fucking 2NE1. Just keep your expectations low and hope for something fierce to pop your pussy to, and you’ll have fun.