T-ara N4

T-ara N4 –who many of you will know as the greatest subunit in the history of music that isn’t QBS– have effortlessly snatched their haters’ weaves once again.

Gaon released its official 2013 mid-year chart rankings this week, and guess which girl group came FIRST in physical sales? Eh, not T-ara. It was actually Girls’ Generation, who shifted 285,090 copies of their delightful I Got a Boy album. But guess who came second? Yes, Slay-ara N4!

The foursome’s Countryside Life EP sold 26,669 copies in Korea, making it the second highest-selling female release of the year, and 23rd highest-selling overall. Those numbers might look low to you, but female K-pop artists generally sell squat, so it’s actually not that bad.

Here’s a list of rival albums of that the legendary T-ara N4 nonchalantly OUTSOLD with TOTAL EASE this year.

  • Lee Hi’s First Love
  • Lee Hyori’s Monochrome 
  • Davichi’s Mystic Ballad
  • SISTAR’s Give It To Me
  • 4minute’s Name is 4minute EP
  • SISTAR19’s Gone Not Around Any Longer EP
  • Girl’s Day’s Expectation
  • SECRET’s Letter From Secret

To be fair, T-ara N4 did kind of get pwned in digital sales this year, but that’s not entirely surprising. Countryside Life was just a subunit release with two songs, and their title track was basically just three-minutes-and-fifty-seconds of trashing haters and netizens. Although I am still curious as to how 4minute managed to outsell both T-ara and SECRET with “What’s Your Name?,” especially now that “Is It Poppin’?” is out and flopping hard. Anyone else suspect more of Cube and Brave Brothers illegal buy backs? Hmm?

Anyway, all hail T-ara N4, QBS, captain Qri, and 6-ara’s 2014 comeback!