Jessie Ware Confess to Me

Jessie Ware’s dreamy, Sade-esque voice is perfect for her unique brand of pop soul, but it works just as well with electronica and dance music. Remixes of her songs have been big on the club circuit, and “Imagine It Was Us,” remains one of the best singles of 2013. Jessie’s also featured on a song called “Confess To Me” from Disclosure’s excellent debut, Settle, which thank-the-fucking-gods was recently performed live for the first time.

The distorted vocals obviously aren’t going to sound as good live (and by live I mean singing over a backing track) as they do on CD, but I’d say Jessie and Disclosure still killed it.

Now can this please get the official single treatment? I’m still seething over “Imagine It Was Us” not becoming a global smash, but maybe my rage will simmer if “Confess To Me” can make some noise on the dance charts.