The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s looking cute on the cover art for his upcoming debut studio album, Kiss Land, due out August 27. His matted dreads kind of look like a pineapple, but they’d be fun to pull on.

He’s also hooked up with Kavinsky (a.k.a. the dude from the Drive soundtrack) to replace SebastiAn’s vocals on the official remix to “Odd Look,” which is lifted from the French electro star’s February debut, OutRun.

The Weeknd’s unique brand of sadistic hipster R&B is so specific that it’s a trip hearing him pull a 180 and do something completely different for once. The falsetto’s the same, but Weeknd’s singing with much more verve than we’re used to hearing (hardly a difficult feat, considering he usually sings like he just downed a bottle of Quaalude).

Very good results all ’round, and if The Weeknd decides that one day he wants to record an album full of cinematic ’80s electronica, I’ll be down.