T-ara Treasure Box

What kind of flawless pirate concept…

T-ara has officially returned to its original 6-member lineup on the artwork for the group’s second Japanese album, Treasure Box. They look like such sexy naughty bitchy bad girls that it almost makes me wish that all the nasty rumors about them were true.

If the T-ara hate continues, the girls should just cave in and start doing everything that the netizens accuse them of. For example, when they make their K-pop comeback early next year and perform on Inkigayo and 2NE1 inevitably wins first place for whatever trashy song they have out at the time, Jiyeon should just walk up and grab the trophy off CL, glare briefly at the audience, then walk off backstage trailed by the rest of T-ara.

Soyeon and Boram should keep getting plastic surgery and then publicly bully Bom on Twitter with some kind of comment like, “You know when you get work done it’s supposed to make you look better, not worse, right?

Qri should take part in a televised panel discussion about relations between North and South Korea, and just sit there playing Candy Crush on her tacky blinged-out cellphone and touching her hair, while talented act-dol Eunjung should gatecrash a top-rated K-drama in the middle of filming and announce, “I’m ready for my closeup!

And last but not least, airport fashion icon, Hyomin, should push Son Dam Bi and Seo In Young down a flight of stairs and then take over as the host of one of their beauty shows. Doesn’t matter which one, really.

T-ara Treasure Box 2

[Via T-ara World]

  • Suzy Sooyoung


  • ICONI3

    Most natural they’ve looked since the rapper chick left. Areum never really fit the fierce concepts..because she looks too innocent

  • Sunny

    Hyomin’s outfit is everything.

  • Nicole Naeun

    LMFAOOOO! I wish those acts were true! They’d be the most iconic girl group ever in history.

    Anyway, Did Qri get a nose surgery? It’s doesn’t look that good on her and I hope it doesn’t ruin her iconic one-&-only mole.

    • Johnnyyy

      A nose surgery? I’d say a few:D

  • UncleFan

    Honestly, I won’t be happy until Queen Eunjung starts an @AZEALIABANKS-style Twitter war with some random fucktard celebrity…


    This is literally the most iconic thing I’ve seen since Rihanna hit a concert goer in the face with her mic. I will not be living until I own a pirate hat…

  • Johnnyyy

    You forgot to mention that Target flopped… hard.

    • You know that the album isn’t even out yet, right?

      • 매빵

        it’s already out. I have the 3 different versions with me.

      • Johnnyyy

        I’m referring to their latest single.. Target!

    • Johnnyyy

      It debuted at #12 with 13,443 copies sold. Quite a drop from Banisuta /:

      • That’s because the album comes out in a couple of weeks and the last single released before an album drops in Japan always does badly.

        “Lovey-Dovey” also did badly right before the release of Jewelry Box. Plus, now the hallyu peak in Japan is over so none of the top Korean acts are doing very well there now. KARA and SNSD have suffered major sales drops too.

        • Johnnyyy

          No i know what you mean! The same thing happened to SNSD flawless futuristic revolutionary J-Pop smash – also known as “Flower Power” last November. Well, actually the physical release was postponed and it still managed to sell 29k copies.

          Anyway, i don’t get it why T-Ara doesn’t promote their Singles in Japan? They didn’t perform on any music shows, neither did QBS. I hope the Album will at least outsell Jewelry Box.

          • png

            I thought Flower Power flopped because the 2nd Album was released like one week after so people thought there was no point in buying this, even with “Beep Beep” as a B-side. I don’t know how many copies of 2nd Album were sold though.

          • Johnnyyy

            Yes exactly! It was actually meant to be released three weeks before the Album but the physical release was pushed back for some reasons.. still it sold 29k copies.

            Girls & Peace sold 210k+ so far.

  • hahahaha this is WHY i missed the proph mostly!

  • Akie_Of_Winterfell

    Wow. They really look like some cold-hearted bitches.

  • kpopalypse

    Someone tell me what these pictures look like, I came on my screen and it won’t come off.

  • Loving the concept, but I really don’t like Soyeon’s new face… She looked a lot better before :/ Excited to hear the new music, though!

  • Let me be the pedantic one. The original five-member T-ara lineup:


    Singing their version of Puff The Magic Pirate Dragon, quite well as a matter of fact.

    • Haha this lineup doesn’t count, T-ara didn’t properly debut until Lies IMO

      • I won’t argue, as I wasn’t aware in 2009 that there was a T-ara. But is “properly” ever a pertinent term to use in regard to T-ara?

  • Bluebeat

    Too bad this is for their Japanese ones. Not the actual Korean comeback! I really can’t wait for their Korean stuff to come out!

  • SD

    Off-topic… but I just thought I’d mention (in case you hadn’t noticed) that Crayon Pop is steadily climbing the charts.

    ‘Bar Bar Bar’ is up to #20 on Melon last I checked.

    • sayruq

      What? Really?

  • 364Leinad

    Honestly, the fact that T-ARA AREN’T doing all these things is proof enough to say that they are good people at least, so it’s unlikely that they bullied Hwayoung. Kind of disappointing though. T-ARA can basically do anything they want because the public will always hate them no matter what. If I was a member of T-ARA and netizens were treating me like shit, I would grab a loaded AK47 and pay my local fan cafe a surprise visit. South Korea is INCREDIBLY lucky that T-ARA have boring and docile personalities.

  • T-ara fanboy

    Queens of Kpop

  • culchan

    Wasn’t expecting to hear Tata Young this evening.

  • George Labropoulos

    This blogpost manages to cheer me up every time. Minus the Bom part everything else is plain hilarious. I would pay to say those things happen.