T-ara Treasure Box

What kind of flawless pirate concept…

T-ara has officially returned to its original 6-member lineup on the artwork for the group’s second Japanese album, Treasure Box. They look like such sexy naughty bitchy bad girls that it almost makes me wish that all the nasty rumors about them were true.

If the T-ara hate continues, the girls should just cave in and start doing everything that the netizens accuse them of. For example, when they make their K-pop comeback early next year and perform on Inkigayo and 2NE1 inevitably wins first place for whatever trashy song they have out at the time, Jiyeon should just walk up and grab the trophy off CL, glare briefly at the audience, then walk off backstage trailed by the rest of T-ara.

Soyeon and Boram should keep getting plastic surgery and then publicly bully Bom on Twitter with some kind of comment like, “You know when you get work done it’s supposed to make you look better, not worse, right?

Qri should take part in a televised panel discussion about relations between North and South Korea, and just sit there playing Candy Crush on her tacky blinged-out cellphone and touching her hair, while talented act-dol Eunjung should gatecrash a top-rated K-drama in the middle of filming and announce, “I’m ready for my closeup!

And last but not least, airport fashion icon, Hyomin, should push Son Dam Bi and Seo In Young down a flight of stairs and then take over as the host of one of their beauty shows. Doesn’t matter which one, really.

T-ara Treasure Box 2

[Via T-ara World]