Jessi Malay Bougie Music Video

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only Jessi Malay fan around, and it saddens me. I’m still scarred from that one time in Plug.DJ when I played “Role Play” and the whole room voted to skip it. All I can do now is hope and pray that the Malay naysayers finally come ’round to Jessi’s beautimous charms once they experience her latest single, “Bougie.”

“Bougie,” which was originally released late last year, is probably the first time that Jessi has ever been so on-trend with a song. She usually releases fierce-but-outdated urban-pop jams, but “Bougie” is so very now. It’s another electro-hop fusion, with hip-hop hand claps, house-y synths, and just the right amount of ’90s flavor and irony required to make a blog-worthy hit in 2013. Jessi even throws in a spicy samba breakdown to separate herself from all the tumblr hipsters doing the same thing that she is. Clever girl!

The music video –which is all kinds of perfect– sees Jessi dressed to the nines and voguing her ass off. She looks close to epic in every shot, and there’s so much ferocity going on that it’s hard to be bored, even for a second.

Can you imagine how killer it would’ve been if JLo had dropped “Bougie” instead of that lowest-common-denominator trash, “Live It Up”? Oh well. Looks like Jessi’s finally one-upped her look-a-like for once.