T-ara 6-ara

The rebirth and relaunch of 6-ara is coming.

Asia’s most outrageous girl group confirmed today that they’ll make their long-awaited K-pop comeback early next year as the “original 6-member T-ara.”

In an official statement, Core Contents Media said, “As early as the beginning of next year is when the comeback will probably be. Right now, we are looking for a song and depending on how fast we find one will determine when they comeback. For now, there are no immediate plans set in stone for a comeback date.”

This is amazing news for two reasons. Firstly, new T-ara music, duh. Secondly, it pretty much confirms that Dani definitely won’t fuck up the original lineup, and will solely promote as a member of T-ara N4 (if N4 ever even bothers to make another comeback, that is).

Granted, waiting until early next year for T-ara’s comeback is a hell of a long time, and altogether will add up to over a year-and-a-half since they promoted in Korea as a group, but I’m looking on the bright side — more time to record Absolute Second Album!

[Via Tiara Diadem]