T-ara Bikini

B is for bikini!

In between releasing their second Japanese album, Treasure Box, on August 7, T-ara will make a K-pop non-comeback on August 1 with a brand new digital single called “Bikini.”

The new song was produced by the now legendary “Countryside Life” hitmaker, Duble Sidekick, and features Korean reggae rapper, Skull, as well as T-ara’s ballad diva labelmates, Davichi.

Why does a six-member girl group with capable vocalists and rappers need to outsource vocalists and rappers from elsewhere to feature on their own song? Because it’s T-ara, duh, and T-ara always does this kind of messy but flawless foolishness. Even funnier is that the official artwork (see above) contains absolutely no bikinis whatsoever, and that Boram’s ghostly complexion screams the total opposite of summer. It’s like five pretty beach babes teamed up with The Ring’s Samara to record a jingle for surfboards.

When will your fave?

Anyway, since this looks like the cheapest concept that T-ara has ever done, you’ll probably be relieved to know that they won’t be actively promoting it on music programs or anything. It’ll have a music video and digital release, but that’s it. Slay-ara’s gonna be too busy touring Japan and Hong Kong to run around with the lessers on crap shows like Inkigayo.

There’s still a few days until “Bikini” officially blesses our ears, but I’ve already figured out exactly what it’s going to sound like. It’ll be a heavenly combination of the iconic BIKINY’s “Dance Party,” Brave Girls’ and Skull’s underrated Jamaican masterpiece “Why So Often,” and Ivy’s “California Gurls” knock-off, “Summer Holiday.”





T-ara Bikini

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