Starsmith Clockwork

Most pop fans know Starsmith for his production work with the likes of Ellie, Kylie, and Marina. He even produced one of Cheryl Cole’s best songs, “Yeah Yeah” (possibly Cheryl’s only good song). But outside of making music for pop divas, he’s also got a solo career with a number of dance tunes under his belt.

His latest single, “Clockwork,” is a driving slice of intergalactic house and electro squiggles. Synths bloop and bleep and zip past like a spaceship hurtling through space, more than filling up the vocal-less space.

Great tune, but I’d like to see Starsmith sharing some of these beats with the girls again. From Kylie to Perfume, I can already think of a bunch who would murk the hell outta this. Someone get Cheryl and Starsmith back in the studio, stat, before the bitch inflicts another “The Flood” upon us all.

[Via Details of My Life]