Serebro Malo Tebya

The thing I love about Serebro is that, just like many Russian pop acts, they have no boundaries. While they may not be on Nikita’s level just yet of walking completely naked through a supermarket, they’re not above removing their panties on stage or disrupting a flight to the UK with their juvenile shenanigans.

Up until now, Serebro’s stuck to playing the role of the fun-loving bimbos who just want to party and flash their tits, but with their hold on the Russian charts slipping, the trio have revamped their sound and pushed the envelope of good taste further than ever before with their new single, “Malo Tebya.”

Echoing a depressed David Guetta, “Malo Tebya” rips the chords from “Titanium” and takes them into much darker territory. There’s a real urgency to the song’s aggressive euro-dance, which thunders every time the chorus hits and reaches a perfect storm towards the end, raining down an assault of daggered synths. If t.A.T.u. decided to make a comeback in 2013, they’d probably do it with a song just like this.

As always, though, Serebro’s visuals have outshone their music yet again (which is unfair, considering how good their music actually is). The video for “Malo Tebya” is a bizarre beast, combining tumblr cheesecake with all the usual uninhibited T&A that’s typical of the trio. It’s hard to tell if they’re being serious or satirizing contemporary hipster culture, but it doesn’t really matter either way. You’re not supposed to think when you listen to Serebro, you’re just supposed to enjoy the instant gratification — and “Malo Tebya” is very gratifying.