Robin Thicke Give It 2 U

Robin Thicke is one of those artists that likes to pretend they’re only in it for the music and all that shit, but he’s really just as hit hungry as every other bitch on the charts right now, which is why I have no problem with him pushing the blue eyed soul stuff aside to record a trashy Dr. Luke track like “Give It 2 U.”

I primarily love this song because Thicke sings about having a big dick and Kendrick Lamar raps about his face being sat on, and big dicks and sitting on faces just so happen to be my two most favorite things IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD. But the sex factor aside, “Give It 2 U” also works on a musical level, perfectly blending the funkadelic sleaze of early Prince with made-for-radio EDM.

“Give It 2 U” hasn’t been given official single status yet (right now it’s just an official buzz track on MySpace), but Interscope needs to get this on the airwaves, ASAP. I wanna hear it when I’m riding in the car, working on my fitness, dancing at the club, or having sexual relations with a member of the same sex (for the latter activity, the audio will probably be coming from my computer speakers, not the radio).

Get into Thicke’s (possible) next hit, below.