Panic! At The Disco Miss Jackson

I can’t possibly be the only one who thought that Panic! At The Disco had disappeared or disbanded or something. I still remember how they burst onto the music scene in a shower of emo-pop glory, then followed their first album up with one that sounded like The Beatles, in turn scaring away their guylinered fans forever. After ditching the members responsible for the sonic shift, Brendon and the other dude tried to repeat the formula of A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out with a new album, but by that point everyone had moved on to EDM and Bruno Mars or whatever, and it totally tanked.

Now Panic’s back for another shot at the top of the pops with a new single, “Miss Jackson,” and a fourth studio album due out in October.

The single –which references the legendary Janet Jackson on the chorus– sounds a lot like Fall Out Boy’s “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark,” just without the huge hook. I mean, Brendon chanting, “Miss Jackson, Miss Jackson, Miss Jackson, are ya nasty?” is catchy enough, but it’s no match for the hair metal screech of, “Light ’em up up up, I’m on FIYAAAAHHHH!

You can chalk the similarities down to Fall Out Boy and Panic sharing the same record label and music producer, Butch Walker. I’m not against two songs sounding the same if they’re both good which is the case here (hello “TiK ToK” and “California Gurls”), but it’d be shame if Panic’s entire album era turned out to be another case of follow the leader. FOB just staged a huge comeback with Save Rock and Roll, but I doubt Panic will be able to do the same if all they’re coming out with is a less radio-friendly version of what FOB’s already doing.