One Direction Best Song Ever

You’ve gotta give it to One Direction and their ability to release the same song over and over again and still sound so good. Pressed anti-fans and OLD people will say they’re just a bunch of one-trick-ponies, but I say that they’ve found their own sound and they’re stickin’ with it.

Their latest single, “Best Song Ever,” sees the band elevating the scope of their bubblegum pop-rock to extra-anthemic levels. It’s a little louder and dirtier, but still essentially the same thing they’ve been doing since “What Makes You Beautiful.” I could say that it’s got their biggest shout-it-out-loud chorus to date, but all of their uptempo singles score a 10/10 in that category, so it’s virtually impossible to rate one over another.

I almost found a flaw in “Best Song Ever” on the hooks-for-dummies post-chorus “oh oh oh / yeah yeah yeah” bit, but the “oh” dropping into “oohhhhhhzzz” totally saved it.

Get into it below before 1D’s record label pulls the link.