Namie Amuro Alive

Namie Amuro released her eleventh studio album, Feel, today, and while I’m still making up my mind about the electro-heavy set (besides the flawless “Hands On Me” and “Hair-boon!,” of course), the massive opening track, “Alive,” is an immediate standout.

Namie really took it to the club with Feel, but “Alive” is the most authentic of the bunch. It sounds like a real club song, as opposed to just dance-pop. The spacey, pounding production is utterly relentless — once it gets going, it doesn’t stop for anything.

Lying here awake / waiting up for you,” Namie coos in surprisingly perfect English. “Rescue me my lover / kiss me back to life.

There’s rumors floating around online that “Alive” could serve as Namie’s first international single. I’m not sure how true they are, but I could definitely see a song like this doing some damage on the dance charts. “Hands On Me” could also work because it’s so completely on trend with what’s happening in Western pop right now.

Oof, just release the entire album internationally and slay these bitches with your ageless alien beauty, my Queen.