Keri Hilson Toilet

Carey Wilson can be a deluded egomaniac at times and I still haven’t quite recovered from the mess that was “Breaking Point” and “The Way You %$@& Me,” but there’s something about her that always keeps me coming back for more. Maybe it’s because we share a hatred of that butt-padded beyatch Beyonce, or maybe it’s just because she actually puts out some legitimately great tunes from time to time (“Hustler” and “Intuition” are everything and will remain being everything for the foreseeable future).

After 2010’s No Sales Allowed tanked, Wilson took some time out of the spotlight to promote Gillette razors, but now she’s ready to deliver the huge comeback that the world has been waiting for. I know this because she told XXL while promoting HIV testing or something.

Here’s the musical tea from King Carey’s XXL interview in bullet point form.

  • She’s been in the studio and is close to selecting a first single.
  • The new single will “definitely” be out this year.
  • She thinks it will be a big hit because it’s her comeback.
  • When we hear it we’ll all understand where Wilson’s been and what she’s been doing.
  • She’s already worked with Kanye again who she thinks is a “genius.”
  • She’s cool with Timbaland and he is the exec-producer of her new album, but it sounds like he may not contribute any tracks since he’s “tied up with other projects.”
  • People have been waiting for her “re-arrival.”

And there you have it. Are y’all ready for the return of King Carey?

[Toyaz World via XXL]