Lim Kim All Right

For the most part, I tend to stay away from a lot of the really commercially-successful K-indie music because it almost always falls into one of two categories: folksy, coffee shop acoustic pop, or emo, coffee shop acoustic hip-hop. I do love a few of the big stars of the genre like 10cm and Busker Busker, but usually avoid the ones I see at the top of the charts, so it wasn’t until last week that I finally gave a Lim Kim a chance and was pleasantly surprised to find out that she’s actually kind of really good.

Kim’s first single, “All Right,” is a melancholy number about being trapped in denial after a painful breakup. The restrained production –a gentle but moody mix of drum beats and blobby polka keys– isn’t miles away from the usual K-indie shtick that I mentioned before, but it does offer one big surprise when Kim’s ex-boyfriend makes an unexpected appearance at the halfway mark. He swoops in, his voice digitized and mangled beyond recognition, and wishes Kim well, before disappearing like a ghost, just as quickly as he arrived. It only lasts for a few seconds, but it’s a brilliant little trick that reminds you that Lim Kim has a little more imagination on her side than many of her coffee shop contemporaries.

And then there’s the matter of Kim’s voice: A low, husky, beautiful thing with a surprising amount of versatility and sex appeal when used for the right song — just check out her Marilyn Monroe cover.

Kim’s debut EP, A Voice, has been hugely successful since its release, so we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of her in the near future. I love her current style and wouldn’t complain if she never changed it, but she’s so damn attractive and multi-talented that I’d love to see her do a pop record, something like one of Neon Bunny’s albums, only darker.

Check out “All Right” below, as well my favorite non-single from her EP, “Like You Know It All.”

All Right

Like You Know It All

All Right (Live Performance)

  • lildarien

    I was listening to a bunch of new downloads and this came on. Her voice is really nice!

  • ICONI3

    I forgot the name, but the 5th track on her ep is amazing.

    • Haha yeah I posted that one here!

  • Nicole Naeun

    Roy Kim’s “Love Love Love” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Nobody is here for his generic ahjumma coffee shop songs!

  • Emii Gems

    I loved her from the start. She is soo beautiful and “Like You Know It All” is on replay constantly!

  • Nicole Naeun

    Just to add something, is this post some kind of shade for B.A.P’s Coffee Shop? Because that song is one great, jazzy coffee shop song, I love it! I’m going to Starbucks and order a Caramel Frappuccino and listen to Roy Kim & B.A.P on repeat!

    • Lmao no! I love B.A.P’s song. I’m just talking about safe pleasant coffee shop music in general.

      B.A.P hwaiting!

      (Btw Nicole, don’t you think Lim Kim songs is perfect for Suzy Soo to release for an indie album? Will talk to you about it later! ahaha!)

  • yosafbridge

    Jacques, have you seen her teaser video for All Right? She’s got true natural beauty and hotness that if they wanted to go the Pop route, she could be a huge k-pop star.

    This is what I mean. Just look at her. IMO, her natural looks and figure puts the majority of the female idols in the shade. And I’m not even talking about her songwriting ability and distinct vocals.

  • Josh Chinnery

    This chick owns my soul. I checked out her pre-release track “Coloring”, but it didn’t really capture my attention like “Alright” did. Like seriously, I feel like the girl did a crazy 180 between Coloring and Alright XD The mini is also a great listen :3

  • yosafbridge

    Just found out that she was part of the duo Two Months which took part in the reality singing competition Superstar K and they placed third. Apparently, Two Months will have its own activities as a group but she’s releasing her own solo mini-album first. Also the reason her spoken English is so good : She’s American and lived in NYC.