Janelle Monae Dance Apocalyptic

Janelle Monae is everything and she has been since the first Metropolis EP dropped. She will likely continue being everything for the forseeable future and beyond. This is a simple fact that cannot be argued, so don’t even try come for Janellegend Monet’s luscious weave or you’ll be staring down the barrel of Duke Nukem’s shotgun.

The Electric Lady has blessed us with an explosive new single, “Dance Apocalyptic,” which currently stands as one of the best things released this year. It’s a musical freak-out of the highest order, incorporating rockabilly, retro funk, and pop in one molten mashup. If you think your fave could do this then you are mistaken and need to take a seat.

The official music video, which just dropped today, sees Monae letting her down (literally) as a rock ‘n’ roll diva dancing a biblical-zombie apocalypse into existence. If you’ve ever seen Janellegend perform before then you’ll know that the possibility of her moves bringing about the end of the world isn’t really that far-fetched, so I find this video to be a 1000000% accurate reflection of real life.

Bow down, #bitches.