INFINITE crashed and burned earlier this year when they released the first bad single of their career, “Man In Love.” Well, that might be a slight exaggeration since it was actually a huge hit and cemented INFINITE’s position as one of the leading stars of the new generation of K-pop, but it was still a disappointingly dull song, no matter how successful it was. They’re officially forgiven, though, because just four months have passed since “Man In Ugh,” and INFINITE’s already back with a much better new single called “Destiny.”

“Destiny” marks the first time that INFINITE’s worked with a producer other than Sweetune, but you wouldn’t really know it from listening to the song. It may not be drenched in the eighties like 95% of Sweetune’s work, but rookie producer, Rphabet, has used a lot of the notable elements from INFINITE’s past hits in to forge “Destiny.” It’s got the same urgency and melodramatic romanticism as “Be Mine,” and Hoya and Dongwoo’s rap breaks are structured similarly to the ones in “The Chaser.” This doesn’t mean Rphabet has copied Sweetune; it’s more of a reflection on the way INFINITE’s created their own signature style that’s distinctive enough to still be recognized even when they’re working with different producers.

The big difference between “Destiny” and INFINITE’s other hits is just how right now it is. The eighties synths and electric guitars have been replaced by bubbling brostep and sharp strings, and the tempo has been turned up to modern-day EDM speeds. So very 2010s.

In a nutshell, it’s the same old INFINITE, only different. All you need to know is that it’s good.

Hoya, L, and the choreography >>>>>>>>>

  • Kirito

    I love the song, but I was expecting so much more from the music video.
    Hoya looks flawless as usual and I can’t wait to see them perform it live.

  • ICONI3

    “Man in love dosn’t exist..and let’s keep it at that.

    Anywho this is the Infinite I missed and love. I’m normally not into boybands, but I always felt their music stood out from the rest. Ummm I like this song my only gripe is that I feel like the production is so BIG and BROAD that the climax was a little lackluster. Other than that me likey…Woohyun too.*licks screen*

  • dnxo14

    ““Destiny” marks the first time that INFINITE’s worked with a producer other than Sweetune…”

    i don’t know if you just disregard anything before “Be Mine”, or you have no idea that “Hitchhiker” and the “Han Jaeho, Kim Seungsoo” duo worked for INFINITE’s title tracks before xD

    • Oh really? Which main single did they do that wasn’t Sweetune? Because Sweetune also did “Nothing’s Over,” “She’s Back,” and “BTD.”

      • dnxo14

        Come Back Again (it was a hitchhiker prod, right? xD)

        i didn’t notice that han jaeho and kim seungsoo duo is actually sweetune ahaha my bad! i just knew that there are two consistent composers for infinite before (didn’t realize it was sweetune; been a fan of “sweetune” since “figaro”, but i guess i’ve been a fan since “she’s back”) ahaha

  • Nicole Naeun

    Good comeback but I was expecting more. I guess they’ll never be able to top The Chaser.

  • I like Man In Love but this is sooo good too. They are one of my favourite groups these days.

  • rentrule12

    The song is good but the video sucks. The only thing blockbuster about this MV was the random explosion at least the sets was already built for them.


    The song is great, they definitely made up for that “Man In Love” mess. It’s just the video. It didn’t feel like they utilized the set properly, they just kinda walked around and danced in the road. The end didn’t really justify the means. The boys all looked gorgeous though!

  • Josh Chinnery

    Am I the only one who liked Man in Love? Like seriously, I thought it was cute :3 Anyway… this is banging. If this is what INFINITE sounds like when they’re been dragged into the new millennium, then someone please lock the door so they can’t go back to the ’80s XD jk I love their 80s sound, but this sound is just too god for them to pass up on.

    • Allen Alexander

      Man In Love wasn’t bad AT ALL. It’s just by that point their sound started getting to be so very “INFINITE” that it was almost a little bit like a “Don’t you have anything else?” moment. I totally liked it the first few listens and I liked the energy of the song.

      • Josh Chinnery

        I can see how that can be… I’m not the biggest INFINITE fan (I know Before the Dawn and Paradise, but that’s about it), so I wouldn’t get how stale it sounds in regards to their previous title tracks.

        • GURL. “The Chaser” was the best song of 2012.

          • Josh Chinnery

            Hey, I’m pretty much a noob K-Pop fan here XD

  • Janee’

    I also hated Man in Love so I was scared to listen to this song/see the mv but was so happy they were back to INFINITE! &my ovaries exploded

  • Janee’

    Also, wtf was that ending about?

  • Allen Alexander

    I love it! I totally agree with you! Infinite was kind of losing me just because a good number of their songs were all starting to run into each other and sound EXTREMELY “Infinite”-ish. I’m happy that this song isn’t a complete departure from what they can do but still feels fresh and a good step in a newer direction and doesn’t feature any of those “Oh’s!” they love so much. I also live and die for Infinite getting low in the chorus and for once the styling kind of actually works and doesn’t make them look so…~different~. Love it!

  • PurpleLlama

    The music video is disappointing, but I love the song. I’m glad they’ve tried something outside of their 80’s style and still manage to sound like Infinite.

  • destiny was flawless. i love how your reviews actually talk about the song production itself instead of just critiquing the artist like allkpop xD their reviewers are getting a lot of hate now for doing shitty reviews lol
    i feel like filming at Universal Studios was a total waste though. like they didnt do anything special with the mv, besides the mediocre special effects near the end. T-ara’s Day By Day was freaking SLAY and they didnt need to film on the set of transformers to make one of the best drama mvs ever.

    • Allen Alexander

      True. That’s Woolim for you though. I think they went there just to have the scale of the MV seem larger, rather than the boxes and houses Infinite dances in a lot. They could have done better though with the MV for sure.

  • Am I the only one who loved this MV? Aha!

    • heauxbag

      nope haha

  • UncleFan

    Love the song! Feel bad for the boys though… they went all the way to California, and it was closed, LOL.

  • Sandy Lam

    Do realise that the music video released was Ver. B (dance version). Ver. A had sensitive scenes regarding a plane crash so Woollim decided not to upload it due to the Asian Airline incident. There are rumours saying that it will deleted but we’re hoping it’ll be released at a later date.

  • leesigh3

    I like Infinite but for me this is the second miss in a row.

  • heauxbag

    so glad they’re back to slaying me. i can never get enough of ‘be mine’ + ‘the chaser’

    <333 king hoya…*pretends he isn't 5'9*

  • Black_winds

    I like Man in Love…i genuinely really liked it. Not forced myself to like it…nor i pretend to like it just because oppars (in my case it’s dongsaengs though) can do no wrong. So i don’t feel like they needed to make up for something…but whatever floats your boats people.
    I was actually worried about this one as i definitely prefer electric guitars to “bubbling brostep”…but in the end it turned out well and i can sleep in peace.