INFINITE crashed and burned earlier this year when they released the first bad single of their career, “Man In Love.” Well, that might be a slight exaggeration since it was actually a huge hit and cemented INFINITE’s position as one of the leading stars of the new generation of K-pop, but it was still a disappointingly dull song, no matter how successful it was. They’re officially forgiven, though, because just four months have passed since “Man In Ugh,” and INFINITE’s already back with a much better new single called “Destiny.”

“Destiny” marks the first time that INFINITE’s worked with a producer other than Sweetune, but you wouldn’t really know it from listening to the song. It may not be drenched in the eighties like 95% of Sweetune’s work, but rookie producer, Rphabet, has used a lot of the notable elements from INFINITE’s past hits in to forge “Destiny.” It’s got the same urgency and melodramatic romanticism as “Be Mine,” and Hoya and Dongwoo’s rap breaks are structured similarly to the ones in “The Chaser.” This doesn’t mean Rphabet has copied Sweetune; it’s more of a reflection on the way INFINITE’s created their own signature style that’s distinctive enough to still be recognized even when they’re working with different producers.

The big difference between “Destiny” and INFINITE’s other hits is just how right now it is. The eighties synths and electric guitars have been replaced by bubbling brostep and sharp strings, and the tempo has been turned up to modern-day EDM speeds. So very 2010s.

In a nutshell, it’s the same old INFINITE, only different. All you need to know is that it’s good.

Hoya, L, and the choreography >>>>>>>>>