Lady GaGa Sexy

Just like Taylor Swift did before the release of Red, Lady GaGa has been on a sabbatical from the spotlight as she prepares her next album, Fartplop. She’s even suspended her Twitter account so she can make a dramatic, headline-grabbing return to social media once her new single is ready to go.

GaGa’s barely been caught by the paparazzi in the past month or so, but the few times that she has, bitch has looked HOT. Like, regular person hot, not trashy-try-hard-over-styled-“Telephone”-video hot.

When GaGa drops her new single, she’s gonna be all sexy and shit, like, “Hey, I can be hot, too! I’m just like Katy and Rihanna and Kim Kardashian now, right guys?

To be honest, I always thought GaGa was smokin’. She’s got a bangin’ bod, nice natural titties, and a pretty face. It’s just pressed Britney stans that started the whole, “GaGa’s ugly!” trend, and then it spread from there.

Are y’all ready for GaGa’s sexy new image? Maybe she’ll even show us her snatch in Playboy.

Update: GaGa just updated her Facebook page with some overwritten press release about her Fartplop app.

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