Jewelry Hot & Cold Feature

Jewelry is a bit of a running joke to me in K-pop. Like the Sugababes, the group has none of its original members left and really should’ve disbanded years ago (specifically when Seo In Young jumped ship), but for some reason they’re still chugging along. In 2011, they shamelessly ripped off SECRET’s “Shy Boy” with the embarrassingly bad “Back It Up,” and last year, they they made another dud comeback with “Look At Me.” I thought that they couldn’t get any worse, and I was right, because the group’s latest single, “Hot & Cold,” is surprisingly good.

The synthy midtempo isn’t as obviously hooky as the group’s past hits, with verses that seemingly bleed into an understated chorus, but it’s catchier than anything they’ve released since “One More Time.” It’s pretty retro — some of the synths are plucked straight out of the early eighties and the subtle guitar licks in the background could pass for the same decade or earlier– but like all K-pop songs, the entire thing still sounds entirely modern.

The low-key chorus and melancholy thread running through “Hot & Cold” actually gives the song a mature charmĀ (mature for manufactured Korean girl group idol pop, that is), even though the candy-coated music video would beg to differ. This is the best I’ve ever seen Jewelry look, but there’s still something that doesn’t quite compute with their image. Maybe it’s just that they’re inherently boring? I don’t know, but they need to fix this shit up now that they’ve finally released a good song.

  • UncleFan

    Jewelry’s biggest problem is that their most interesting member, Baby J, is also their least attractive member to Koreans. I think she’s bad-ass, but K-netizens hate her and call her horse-faced or whatever. Baby J should just go solo and leave those glorified trade show booth babes to their fate.

    • Emii Gems

      hell yea to your statement! I love her, she is fucking gorgeous i hate when those k-netizens try to down vote her beauty just because she doesnt look like Yoona or some shit. Her rapping is the shit and she is amazing on variety shows.

    • James Smith III

      i agree baby-j solo would be fiyahh

    • Kris

      These K-netizens must not be looking at the same person. Baby J is flawless and should totally release a solo record!

  • Sunny

    I’m not a jewelry fan but i like the song. Its not outstanding but it sounds like it would be fun to sing along to.

    Remember when you told me i looked like Seo In Young that one time? :P


    Their outfits look like 4Minute’s “WYN?” leftovers and Semi’s bangs make her look like she has a unibrow through 80% of the video. Other than that I love this song! Hopefully they can gain a little traction so they can get it together because Baby J is the true star and she deserves all the screen time she can get. But it would be utterly delicious if the former members pulled an MKS and released a k-pop “Flatline”, destroying every girl group in the game.

    • sandwich

      I’d love a k-pop Flatline! Sadly no one cares for the first lineup of Jewelry, and two original members that left first are complete nobodies (they make Siobhan seem like a huge star), but I agree, it needs to be the second lineup imo! Some of them hate each other so they have to work on that first.

    • KingBeaArthur

      The faux unibrow… *can’t unsee*

  • Lee James

    Hot & Cold was better than I expected it to be!

  • png

    This is an underwhelming but solid comeback from Jewelry. It’s too bad they’re so irrelevant now. I wish Baby J got more exposure somewhere. People just don’t find her appealing. I still wonder how Kim Eun Jung never had any recognition. She has a fairly good voice and she’s pretty, but nothing ever came of that. The whole group is pretty good live.

    This song will probably not save their career but I hope it will at least keep the name Jewelry in people’s minds more.

  • sandwich

    The b-side is surprisingly good too: I really hope they do perform this as well, I prefer it over Hot & Cold (though that is still a nice song), guess they wanted to perform the more Korean friendly song or something.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Baby J, like most legitimately great K-girl group rappers is severely overlooked (minus CL & Hyuna of course). I personally love her; always have.

    I may be one of only 12 people worldwide that actually really liked “Look At Me”! The group has all but used up their time in the light but damn it A+ for effort anyway. “Hot & Cold” won’t make them the next SNSD but I like it!

    • Emii Gems

      i love “Look At Me”