Brown Eyed Girls Kill Bill

Skitzo genre-mashing and left of center sounds are the latest trends in K-pop, but Brown Eyed Girls already did that two years ago with “Sixth Sense.” So, how does K-pop’s most exciting girl group still shock in 2013 when everyone is doing what they already did back in 2011? By doing something completely unshocking, of course.

The group’s new single, “Kill Bill,” is a fairly straightforward slice of hooky dance-pop, which is something that nobody saw coming from the trendsetting foursome. But after the moody “Sign” and the dramatic “Sixth Sense,” now feels like the perfect time for BEG to kick back and finally have some fun.

However, “Kill Bill” does come with a bit of a twist (it is still Brown Eyed Girls, after all). The song not only takes its title from Tarantino’s two films of the same name, but also its sound. Like “Abracadabra,” it’s electronic pop, but with a spaghetti western twist, incorporating old cowboy whistles and whiplashes. The lyrics follow a similar vengeful thread to the movies, but even Uma Thurman’s vendetta against her old boss is nothing compared to the woman-scorned spite that BEG serves up.

With tears and snot, you look awful / Just know this,” they snarl. “Compared to the humiliation you gave me / This doesn’t even come half as close / So stop crying like a child.

They amp up the venom more and more until the final act, when the group warns their victim to change his name and disappear off the face of the earth or else their merciless punishment will continue. They then close in brilliantly bitchy fashion, stating, “I hope you give up on love,” like it’s a fact; not a wish. But despite the vicious nature of the lyrics, the majority of the lines are delivered with a sexy, H.B.I.C. kind of attitude. It stops “Kill Bill” from feeling too serious, giving it more of a fun, flirty edge despite the harsh subject matter.

Like “Recipe,” Miryo once again gets her fair share of lines, this time with two spitfire rap breaks. It reminds you why Brown Eyed Girls is the best and most talented girl group in pop music today: Not only do they have three incredible vocalists, but also one of the best femcees around.

For the mini-movie music video, Brown Eyed Girls play characters inspired by the femme fatales in the Kill Bill films and basically just try to murder each other for eight minutes straight. It’s shot and scored in the same shclock-y, neo-noir style that Tarantino’s famous for, making it both authentic and hilarious. The drama scenes are inter-cut with some “Abracadabra-esque” choreography, which sees the group gyrating around in Western-themed outfits against a white backdrop. It’s clear that BEG wanted to evoke the spirit of their signature hit, but also do something new with it at the same time.

I’d love to choose a favorite out of the “Kill Bill” music video, but all the members seemed to shine equally. Although, if I had to give it to anyone, it’d be JeA, just for the fact that her transformation into Daryl Hannah’s villainous Elle Driver is so fabulously evil and unexpected. I also need to call out Narsha on her terrible wig during the dance scenes, which makes her look like a slutty ahjumma with too much money and not enough taste. Narsha’s the undisputed queen of wigs and weaves in Korea, so I was distraught to see her get it so wrong this time. She should’ve worn her poofy Inkigayo showstopper instead! On the bright side, she looked utterly divine during the drama scenes, which almost makes up for her hairy mistake.

Objectively, “Kill Bill” is not the best Brown Eyed Girls single ever made, but it does feel like it’s exactly where the group needs to be right now in their career. It’s a very welcome return to the sexy concept of the Sound-G era and an entertaining exercise in female empowerment. Some may disagree, but BEG are still way too fierce to go back to releasing R&B power ballads like they did during the beginning of their career, and way too diva to not give us at least one album solely filled with sizzling dance-pop and funky throwback jams.

Don’t hold it against the girls for wanting to have a good time for once.

  • byoing~byoing.

    *puts on serious glasses*

    Brown Eyed Girls have and always will separate the ‘casual K-Pop fan’ (the ones who only listen to lead singles, are more interested in live stage and choreography, and take everything they read on akp as fact) from the ones who scope albums for hidden gems and pop masterpieces that are embedded in some K-Pop albums. The name of album itself ‘Black Box’ should give anyone with common sense an inclination that the album itself one that shouldn’t be taken at face value. A black box is a device that when viewed, will not reveal the inner workings of itself. So to this end, I believe that BEG’s ‘Black Box’ is the female mind. The album is full of intimate coo’s, cries for sexual satisfaction and being a fierce independent bish, who don’t need no man. From Gain’s coos, Jea’s near perfected ‘Head Voice’ vocals, Miryo’s lyrical magic and Narsha’s flawless “Chest Resonance” vocals, Each woman shines equally on the album to create one of the strongest albums that BEG has released to date.

    tl;dr though, Don’t write this album off as everything being like ‘Kill Bill’. Despite being another cleverly marketed K-Pop group, (don’t give me that fucking look – you all should know K-Pop is one artificial giant marketing ploy) BEG have always had some artistic integrity (When will your fave girl group co-write songs on their albums?) and have already established themselves as a group who never bend to the masses expectations. While I don’t think they’re going to win awards left, right and centre with this song (stranger things have happened though, I mean look how long it took for South Korea to realise Crayon Pop existed) I again, have been slayed, in only a way that BEG can do.

    • Andi

      And let’s not forget how casual k-pop fans are also always Ga-In biased. Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with liking Ga-In, but it blows my mind how all these k-pop fans can fawn over her while completely ignoring the other members. I mean, longtime BEG fans know that the true “sexy queen” of the group is Narsha, and JeA’s vocals are some of the best in k-pop; and don’t even get me started on Miryo… It’s really a shame that Ga-In’s solo fame seems to eclipse the other members and their charms.

      • byoing~byoing.

        It’s usually because the ‘face’ of the group tends to eclipse any other members for some casual listeners. Hara in KARA, Dara and Bom in 2NE1, and Sohee in WG are big examples of dead weight being fawned over because they’re pretty… well disregarding Bom in that aspect.

        You can’t forget that Gain was a part of the ‘Adam Couple’ which still is one of the most popular WGM couples, plus her solo songs have always been racey and flaw free. With her recent appearance in Psy’s ‘Gentleman’ video, there’s no reason for her to be the first person to look at in BEG.

        However, I completely agree – for me Miryo is the stand out for BEG, but it’s always been that way for me ever since I saw Abracadabra for the first time and she was sitting there like a fierce bitch spitting her lyrics like no one’s business.

    • Great comment. I have to agree. Among all the KPop groups, BEG really stands out in terms of lasting quality. I used to follow a lot of YG and SM Entertainment groups, but over time I just found I liked BEG better. The group meshes better (JeA knows how to recruit members) and the songs have a lasting impact for me.

      I wish they had more of an international following though. Kill Bill took a while to receive 1 million views while certain other groups posted 1 million views on Youtube in a day or so.

  • ICONI3

    I’ll be the first to say I felt like I was having some sort of bipolar manic episode when I first heard the song on inkigayo. Wasn’t sure if I loved it because it’s a great pop song or was disappointed because BEG didn’t really do anything risky or innovative as their past releases. This group seriously keeps me on my toes when it comes to their music because you just really never know which way they’re going to go.

    With that said, I’m loving the song and the album. Is kill bill BEG’s best song? No, but as you said they really just wanted to have fun and for some strange reason it gives me a vibe similar to Abracadabra..still not sure why. The song is fun and it still shits on majority of kpop.

    Sidenote: I agree with Byoing. BEG really isn’t the type group you can just casually listen to be able to fully “get” them. I’d say they aren’t easy to digest for the gurls looking for a quick bop.

    Black box is really one of the best albums of the year to me.

  • James Smith III

    the first part of that choreo…yasssss

  • HausofJuanito

    ive been F5’ng this website all day WAITING. Thank you for making this post ;__; ily

  • UncleFan

    My favorite part of the video is Ga-In pointing, “Nugu! Nugu! Nugu!”, like she’s calling out all the hoobae bitches who are about to get crushed by BEG’s comeback.

  • dnxo14

    BEG released “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” before this so I think that’s enough “homage” to their ballad past .. not to mention “Cleansing Cream” ..sadly, both didn’t give an all-kill for the girls xC but these two charted really good, right?

    so i wonder why people kept on asking for ballads .. they already gave it, and you don’t give as much attention as you give to Kill Bill, so be contented ahahaha

    • KingBeaArthur

      “Cleansing Cream” >>>>

      That song and music video were both painfully amazing.

  • Nicole Naeun

    I like Kill Bill, it’s catchy and fun, but it’s not the type of song I want from Brown Eyed Girls.
    BEG are supposed to always push the boundaries, like they did with Abracadabra and Sixth Sense. Abracadabra was fun and the girls looked like they were “having a good time” with it, yet it still sounds left-of-the-center and different and very iconic. So, I think it’s no excuse that they released a generic song just to have a good time and just because everyone’s releasing those kind of genre-mashing songs.
    And the girls are way too talented to sing a song like this. Their amazing vocals are one of the things that set them apart from the other girl groups, it’s their distinctive advantage.Their harmonization is amazing and they can do whistle singing and stuffs, and Gain’s low voice is incredibly sexy, yet none of it is utilized for this song.

    I’m a HUGE fan of the girls and as much as I want to praise Kill Bill, I just can’t because I know they can do better than this.
    In the end of the day, everyone will agree that Kill Bill will not be remembered as a K-Pop classic like Abracadabra and Sixth Sense, because it simply is not.

    • Well you also have to remember Recipe is their other comeback track and that song is FLAWLESS

    • byoing~byoing.

      I think you’re underestimating the amount of vocal talent in the song. Just because the song doesn’t have that ‘belt’ factor doesn’t mean it’s not a vocally strong song. The vocal resonance in the song is absolutely outstanding live and as always BEG timbre’s (tone) shines through.

      Using a few examples: Minah from Girl’s Day (not bashing, it’s just the easiest one to use) can hit the high notes and belt like no one’s business, however, her tone and vocal register is extremely pitchy.
      tl;dr – her belting doesn’t make her a good singer.
      Bom has a unique and somewhat pleasant timbre. However, just because she has vocal slide, doesn’t excuse the fact her vocals are full of breaks and she can’t sing part of a song legato (long, smooth and connected).

      It’s a sultry song that has been executed perfectly due to the fact it’s not full of vocal licks, trills and runs. It’s meant to make you want to take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain, not stomp your feet and proclaim that you’re proud your vag bleeds weekly once a month.

      • Nicole Naeun

        I wasn’t just talking about vocal, but the song as a whole. JeA is very talented but the song fell flat to me, esp after Miryo’s second rap part. JeA was able to produce a very interesting production for her solo album, but this song is somehow too generic for BEG’s title track.
        And the girls’ vocals aren’t that challenging. I’m not just talking about belting, but the girls have done better before even without belting (like the recently released Recipe).

        And girl, Bom has never been a good vocalist. That’s a fact.

  • disqus_yJnUIMz9ep

    Only one word to define all this “Perfection” .

  • 364Leinad

    I don’t know about every one else, but this is one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard. As soon as I heard it I immediately went to buy it on iTunes (Which, for me, requires a massive amount of effort as the apple fuckwits have deadlocked my iTunes account so it takes me like two hours to download a single fucking song)
    What can I say? I’m a sucker for whistle hooks.
    I think its a bit demanding to constantly expect BEG to be pushing boundaries all the time. Considering how at least 70% of the comebacks this year have either been totally mediocre or absolute shit, Kill Bill was extremely satisfying.

  • JammySmoochie

    Maybe I’m just very easy to please, but Kill Bill is exactly what I wanted it to sound like. Sixth Sense will forever be my favorite, but Kill Bill is a fitting song for this comeback. I don’t know, maybe I’m just biased towards anything BEG-related.

    But the music video though… NO WORDS WILL SUFFICE FOR THAT LEVEL OF FLAWLESSNESS. The choreography especially is topnotch. Sexy without the slutty undertones. Gain needs to be arrested for being perfect.

    BEG killing the competition since 2006.


    My favorite line is “I hope you give up on love,” seriously makes my pussy quiver. I’m obsessed with Kill Bill so the fact that BEG was using it as their mv concept was like doubly exciting for me. They put their own twist on Kill Bill but they stayed true to the essence of the movie and Tarntinos directional style. I mean those fight scenes were epic! Not to mention Jea as Elle Driver, she totally took the cake for me. Though not their best song, by BEG standards that doesn’t really mean much now does it? Black Box was literally everything I could want from them and more. “Boy, Mystery Survivor, Satisfaction, After Club,” to name a few. They all were featured pretty much equally on this album and that makes me happy. I love how they always give us something new while still staying true to their roots as sexy, classy, empowered, independent women. They are goddesses!!!!

  • Piscmini

    The whole album is pretty amazing,good fellas,kill bill , satisfaction and boy are my favorite. Welcome back queen,Misses and Ma’am of the “current” kpop have all been rendered irrelevant,effortlessly.

  • Josh Chinnery

    I have no words… This is why I like the Brown Eyed Girls; they can pull off crazy, left of center concepts with ease, but also make effortless pop perfections look effortless (and not basic XD). Kill Bill is not the type of song that I saw them coming back with (especially with how RnBish Recipe was), but I have no complaints; this song is going to get major play on my iPod. I haven’t fully listened to the album yet (too much is coming out at once and I can’t handle it all), but I already know I’m going to love. It *is* the Brown Eyed Girls XD

  • That video was just fantastic and the song fits quite well with it.

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    This isn’t the best BEG single but it’s still def really fun and addictive, and the kill bill thing gives it the edge BEG always serve! I hope everyone just give it up to this addictive song <3 BEG 4ever <3

  • Allen Alexander

    Kill Bill was not what I was expecting at ALL due to a few points. First, it is just a lot less striking than their last single which kind of put me off to it in the beginning. The sheer scale of “Sixth Sense” was just so much larger that this in comparison seemed dull, more like something Dal Shabet would do if they felt like being sexy again. After spending some time with it though I’ve come to appreciate a more conventional hooky song from BEG and you’re completely right, it’s about time they were able to have some fun and just beat each others’ asses like some Super Smash Brothers game. I’m also not a huge fan of Miryo but I was happy to see that she actually got PARTS of their new songs that make her look more like an actual necessity to the song rather than her former rap “slots” that just looked like they wanted to squeeze her in somewhere. I still kind of feel like the stage performance might be lacking a little something, but the song and video are still winners.

  • AlanaKang

    I dont like the title track but the video is soo good and the album is HOT!

    Mystery Survivor should have been the title track…that song drags my skull until the white meat shows…

  • KingBeaArthur

    Easily the best mv of 2013, so far!

    Kill Bill (pt. 1 & 2) is a film I’ve seen literally over 100 times -both in theaters & on DVD/Blu Ray- so when I heard that not only was their new single named KB but that the mv would pay homage to both films I was already in love! Thankfully, the mv isn’t a clone of the films but more of a ‘serious parody’ that injects just enough sexuality & comedy to form an entirely new creature that could only come from living legends like BEG!

    [as far as “Black Box” is concerned…] My faves my first listen through were “Satisfaction” and “Good Fellas”! But I get why “Kill Bill” was chosen.

  • Glad I found this blog post. I was starting to believe I was the only BEG fan outside of Korea. I really enjoyed this song and video along with Recipe. Narsha and JeA are such a great duo, and I really Miryo’s performance especially in Recipe. Watching them perform live was even better than the video. They really know how to bring the house down.

    Kill Bill was just what they needed right now: something light-hearted and silly, but really catchy and clever too. It’s hard to get the whistling tune out of your head. :)

  • キラ 様

    I don’t like Kpop usually for the present, those 2Ne1, Big Bang, Super Junior, B1A4, and all but still love Cleo, Sugar and T. T Ma I don’t know if I should say that I don’t know much, really about about the Kpop world or for giving reviews each time. Nor I’d said that I suck at it. But I wonder why I start liking this song by finding in a singing forum that is accepting auditions for covering it. Especially the dance! After watching the live and others videos. I find it attractive in the beginning where the guyys are trying to making the bridge before the cutting for the second time with the BEG. No I’m not looking for sex or lacking>v> I want to dance, with a guy instead. Maybe cause it’s more better? K-pop is always about rapping and sexy moves intensily or there’s something wrong for why I like this really >n>