f(x) Pink Tape Comeback

I trashed f(x)’s “Electric Shock” comeback to bits last year, but I eventually grew to like it in the end. I was just disappointed that 1) f(x) stopped pretending to be all hipster artsy and went the formulaic 2NE1 route, 2) the “Electric Shock” MV was the dullest most uncreative thing ever, and 3) I was expecting so much more after the weirdo teaser photos of the girls with animal heads or whatever.

Anyway, it looks like f(x) might be returning to their original cooler-than-though style with the release of their sophomore album, Pink Tape, on July 29, which was just announced through an amazingly pretentious “art film” teaser video on Youtube.

It opens with a scarily-accurate but terribly-delivered monologue from Krystal about love, and then segues into a bunch of artsy fartsy crap for tumblr hipsters — all through instagram filters, of course. It’s so bad, but so good, and suits f(x) to a T.

I don’t care that f(x) is nothing like this in real life, just as long as they stick to this concept for all their music releases. It’s what makes them (and SHINee, who basically sport the exact same concept) unique in the K-pop world.

Throughout the teaser (sorry, “art film”) we’re also treated to about a minute-and-a-half of a brand new f(x) song. It’s cute and twinkly, and fits right in with some of the prettier, quirkier cuts from the group’s first studio album, like “Love” or “Sweet Witches.”

In other words, fucking flawless.

I know that f(x) could just be preparing to pull the shady old bait-and-switch like they did with the Electric Shock album, but my gut tells me they won’t. First of all, they’ve titled their album Pink Tape, which is a hell of a lot more interesting than Electric Shock, and secondly, SM Entertainment’s been pretty good at serving up left-of-center pop this year. Hello “Wolf,” “I Got a Boy,” and SHINee’s last two albums.

Side note, you know what would’ve made a cute f(x) single last year instead of “Electric Shock?” Girls’ Generation’s “Express 999.” That song is everything.

  • UncleFan

    Hey, Jacques, did you take a close look at the credits? What’s up with the Sophie Ellis-Bextor connection? Is there a Brit-pop version of this song floating around out there?

    • Oh I didn’t read the credits! Maybe this song is a Sophie leftover from one of her albums?

      • Nicole Naeun

        Sophie, Cathy Dennis and Rob Fusari (??!!) are rumored to produce the title track, entitled Shadow.

      • Lala Marquiese

        It’s apparently a re-working of a song “Candy Man” by Liz Primo. Sophie re-wrote the lyrics and melody and it was translated into Korean. Everything’s in the credits :)

  • Nicole Naeun

    I’ve been electric-shocked! Can’t wait for these girls to come back and snatch 2NE1’s ugly wigs and leave them ugly bitches bald.

    Loving the art film so much!


    Krystals red hair though! This is too much to handle! This is gonna be epic…

  • ICONI3

    Not here for them dropping on July 29th, but I’m interested in what they’re going to serve. The song sounds pretty damn hood in the teaser.

    • Nicole Naeun

      Me too, I hate it that they’re going head to head with BEG.
      Well, as much as I love Kween BEG, may the best win.

  • Kirito

    Their “art film” totally made my day. I love the teaser and the girls look flawless, especially Krystal and her red hair. I just wished they made Amber grow out her hair. But I do like her new hairstyle, wasn’t feeling the Electric Shock era hair.

  • yaaaaaaaaaay! i got so excited when i saw this! for the exact reasons you cited.

  • Tetramorium jedi

    So happy you like “Love” and “Sweet Witches”. Two flawless amazing songs. Waiting for this comeback like no other (except for SNSD´s obviously)

  • Josh Chinnery

    I’m in love with how pretentious and hipstery this is, and dat song… DAT SONG GIVES ME SO MUCH LIFE!!! I was living for the song that they were doing choreography to in that Go (fx)! clip that’s been making rounds, but the song in this teaser (my bad, art film) IS EVERYTHING!!!! SM, don’t let us down. Your title tracks might have been really hit or miss (depending on the person), but your album tracks have been fire and on point. DO. NOT. LET. US. DOWN!!!!

  • cubuc

    i agree with that side note, Express 999 its actually one of my favorite songs released this year, not only in kpop.

  • KingBeaArthur

    That monologue was amazing!!! How dare you knock Krystal’s award worthy delivery! *snickers*

    f(x) have never been my favorite SM act (that’d be pretty much SHINee at this point followed by SuJu – as basic as the latter are live) but I find myself always excited for their comebacks and enjoying their releases since SM go for broke to [thankfully] distinguish them from SNSD.

    I have a feeling “Pink Tape” is going to give me enough life until SNSD eventually drop their English album *fingers crossed*.

    • Lmao I forgot to mention in this post just WHY Krystal’s delivery was so bad — she had the emotion of a lawn chair! You could tell she was just reading off a piece of paper and didn’t understand what any of it meant, despite the fact that she’s a California girl haha.