f(x) Pink Tape Comeback

I trashed f(x)’s “Electric Shock” comeback to bits last year, but I eventually grew to like it in the end. I was just disappointed that 1) f(x) stopped pretending to be all hipster artsy and went the formulaic 2NE1 route, 2) the “Electric Shock” MV was the dullest most uncreative thing ever, and 3) I was expecting so much more after the weirdo teaser photos of the girls with animal heads or whatever.

Anyway, it looks like f(x) might be returning to their original cooler-than-though style with the release of their sophomore album, Pink Tape, on July 29, which was just announced through an amazingly pretentious “art film” teaser video on Youtube.

It opens with a scarily-accurate but terribly-delivered monologue from Krystal about love, and then segues into a bunch of artsy fartsy crap for tumblr hipsters — all through instagram filters, of course. It’s so bad, but so good, and suits f(x) to a T.

I don’t care that f(x) is nothing like this in real life, just as long as they stick to this concept for all their music releases. It’s what makes them (and SHINee, who basically sport the exact same concept) unique in the K-pop world.

Throughout the teaser (sorry, “art film”) we’re also treated to about a minute-and-a-half of a brand new f(x) song. It’s cute and twinkly, and fits right in with some of the prettier, quirkier cuts from the group’s first studio album, like “Love” or “Sweet Witches.”

In other words, fucking flawless.

I know that f(x) could just be preparing to pull the shady old bait-and-switch like they did with the Electric Shock album, but my gut tells me they won’t. First of all, they’ve titled their album Pink Tape, which is a hell of a lot more interesting than Electric Shock, and secondly, SM Entertainment’s been pretty good at serving up left-of-center pop this year. Hello “Wolf,” “I Got a Boy,” and SHINee’s last two albums.

Side note, you know what would’ve made a cute f(x) single last year instead of “Electric Shock?” Girls’ Generation’s “Express 999.” That song is everything.