F-ve Dolls Soulmate 1

Before I realized how crap 2NE1 is, F-ve Dolls (then known as 5dolls; now known as F-op Dolls, as in Flop Dolls) was the K-pop girl group I loved to hate. I actually genuinely worship their SECRET knock-off, “Like This or That,” but overall they’re just such a cheap trainwreck of a group (and not in the good way), and their first mini-album is one of the worst K-pop releases I’ve ever heard in my life.

The best thing for F-ve Dolls would be rejoining SPEED as Co-Ed, but instead they’re back with SIX members (one of whom is already part of The SEEYA) and a new disco single called “Soulmate #1.”

There’s so much that’s been ripped-off to make this comeback happen, with T-ara being the most obvious. The electronic disco production (courtesy of the incredible Duble Sidekick) is a total “Roly Poly” rehash, while the F-op Dolls take their plagiarism even further by emulating T-ara’s uniform vocal delivery and wearing the “Day by Day” era trench coats in the song’s music video and official artwork. Duble Sidekick also blatantly steals from Lipps Inc.’s classic, “Funky Town,” which I hope to god is a legal sample (but knowing K-pop, it probably isn’t).

With “Soulmate #1” being a disco song and all, you’d expect it to have a retro seventies concept, but F-op Dolls are such a disaster that they’ve actually done the video in a sixties style instead — mod dresses, Twiggy cuts and all. The end result is a video that looks like it’s copying both Wonder Girls and T-ara.

Oh yeah, and it also sounds like F-op Dolls are repeatedly screaming, “FUCK,” on the chorus.

With that said, “Soulmate #1” is amazing and flawless, and even with new albums out from f(x) and Brown Eyed Girls, I can’t stop playing it. It really is the best thing ever.

Perhaps F-op Dolls is the new Gangkiz?