Zendaya Replay

What’s the deal lately with Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, like, doing really well on the charts and shit? “Heart Attack” has nothing on “Don’t Forget” and “Give Your Heart a Break,” and Selena’s songs are generically catchy but fail to live up to the promise that was shown on “Love You Like a Love Song,” when it looked like she may actually turn into a pop star with material interesting enough to excuse her paper-thin voice.

Forget those formulaic hoes, though, because now it’s all about Zendaya.

The 16-year-old currently stars on a show I’ve never heard of (Disney’s Shake It Up), but properly shot to fame earlier year after losing to Kellie Pickler on a show I have heard of (ABC’s Dancing With The Stars). She’s now signed to the dreaded Hollywood Records, and just released her awesomely awesome first single, “Replay.”

“Replay” was produced Mick Schultz –the same dude behind Jeremih’s “Birthday Sex” and a random song from that slutty country harlot, Jessie James– so that should tell you that this isn’t your typical squeaky clean Disney single.

Clearly aware that Guetta-esque EDM is on its way out and that urban genre-mashing is the next big thing, “Replay” is a current-but-forward-thinking fusion of R&B and electronica. It’s got bursts of chiptune, a wobbly synth beats, and waves of arcade-y (!) dubstep. The lyrics are rife with music-as-sex metaphors (“beat it so loud you can feel it,” Zendaya moans), which may be a little racy for a Disney diva, but are perfect for the song’s mature production.

So, to sum this up, we’ve got an amazing, non-generic single from a sexy Disney starlet who’s a really good dancer with an awesome first name and no surname, a la Madonna.

There’s only one word for this: YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Via King Uncaged]