Ciara I'm Out Music Video

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m back on #TeamCiCi. I have been since “Body Party” took off and Cisus scored the cover of The Fader, therefore making her cool again after her dusty outdated ass spent the last couple years as the major of Pleasantville.

The Princess of crunk’n’b has really been SERVING lately, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her serve it like she in the video for her latest single, “I’m Out.” I’m not huge on the song and will probably never listen to it unless I’m in the mood to hear Nicki’s hot feature, but I don’t even care about that shit because the video slayed me so hard that my wig was on a round-the-world trip by the time it finished.

Now bask in the holy glow of the almighty CISUS!

Giving y’all Janet “Scream” realness

Ciara I'm Out 1

*Teehee* I just shat on these bitches

Ciara I'm Out 2

Nicki gurl, this is how you get a big ass the natural way

Ciara I'm Out 3

Ciara >>>>>>>>>>> Marilyn Monroe

Ciara I'm Out 4


Ciara I'm Out 5

The edgy new fashion icon of the music industry has ARRIVED

Ciara I'm Out 6

Wet ‘n’ wild supermodel sex appeal

Ciara I'm Out 7

Mmmm yass honey I am prettier than Rihanna and Beyonce you know they can’t do it like Ci this is v.i.p. entry only bew ;)

Ciara I'm Out 8

Cisus is back y’all. Is that gonna be a problem??? Didn’t think so

Ciara I'm Out 9

And here’s the video.

  • KingBeaArthur

    The mv is EVERYTHING!!!!! Her body looked sick, the dancing was on point, and I absolutely adore her short hair!

  • byoing~byoing.

    Is there a version without that hideous rapping at the start cause that hoodrat shit nearly killed it for me.
    Minaj must of had plastic surgery on her brain considering it’s probably the only organ that she has that hasn’t been touched by a knife yet and it’s affecting what she can rap about.

  • Eddie

    This is actually so hot.

  • Marsizzle

    Jacques U Slay me!!! She got a Rihanna budget for this one. I’m mourning all the dusty wigs she snatched with this. Beyonce better come up with something earth shattering if she even wants to come close to the fierceness Ciara served in the first minute of this… R.I.P After the show Cici just served at the BET awards I don’t Riri will be asking her about the stage any time soon**sips tea**

  • Luke

    DAMN!!! That video is GOOD! Who the fuck are Cici and Kelly Rowland fuckin to keep gettin so many videos off of flop albums though?!

    Even Nicki’s verse was ok.

  • Gonçalo Fernandes

    WOW! I love it! I just wanted her to release something else like Overdose, Read my Lips or Livin it Up, but I’ll forgive her since the video is FIRE! It will surely help the song get some more (needed) exposure.

  • HotBlackTea

    This video is so sickening, I actually puked.

  • Niraj

    LOVEEEEEEEEEEE. One of her best videos.

  • Fantasy

    YES CICI SLAYEDDDDDDDDDD I hope this gives her some much needed album sales

  • rentrule12

    Ciara looks great as usual and I love her body and Nicki looks nice in this video

  • Jacques! I’m so fucking glad you jumped back on the Ci-squad! I’ve been stanning my happy little ass off for each of her projects… But DAMN it’s good to see her destroy the haters! ‘I’m Out’, I agree, is a ratchet mess as a song… But this video is just beyond flawless. I’m so digging the Michael and Janet ‘Scream’ vibe I see In here!

    Can’t wait for the album…

    And since everyone seems to instantly be saying it, I guess I’ll say it as well… Rihanna just got SERVED. I’m also suprised nobody made the obvious MILEY CYRUS stab… These bitches just put that little girl to shame!

  • Hoodpop

    All I have to say is MY BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iAmAwesome

    I just stepped outside of my house and there are wigs, wigs everywhere. Guess hurricane Cisus just passed by.

    Meanwhile, someone let Rihanna know Ciara has BOOKED THAT STAGE and WHIPED IT WITH HER FOREHEAD.

  • jas.♓

    Omg I can’t with this review!! The song sounds like my garbage disposal running honestly but good for her for finally locking down a budget make a legit vid lol

  • Romeo

    The song is still hideous, i can’t believe she really released that SHIT. However this video is giving me LIFE!!! CiCi may have been a flop these last years but she sure knows how to perform and serve the visuals. I still think Gimme Dat and Work are still underrated (both the songs and videos). This era may be better for her, which I hope so, the album is cute and she doesn’t deserve to flop. I hope Overdose or Livin It Up still get the single treatment i love those tracks.

    And please everyone, leave Rihanna out of this, she’s stiff as fuck but the bitch is fierce and right now is on a worldwide sold out tour, including Stadiums *sips Vita Coco*

  • Burk Kyler

    loved the video, don’t care for the song… Overdose or LIU better a be single

  • ImHighPrice

    YASSS! Flawless review! New blog & improved outlook on Queenara…You officially slain me Pro…I mean, Jacques!

  • ICONI3

    Wow you said everything I wanted to say. Ciara lost me around 2009, but it seems like she gives a damn again. This was Nicki’s hottest rap and look in awhile.