Ciara I'm Out Music Video

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m back on #TeamCiCi. I have been since “Body Party” took off and Cisus scored the cover of The Fader, therefore making her cool again after her dusty outdated ass spent the last couple years as the major of Pleasantville.

The Princess of crunk’n’b has really been SERVING lately, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her serve it like she in the video for her latest single, “I’m Out.” I’m not huge on the song and will probably never listen to it unless I’m in the mood to hear Nicki’s hot feature, but I don’t even care about that shit because the video slayed me so hard that my wig was on a round-the-world trip by the time it finished.

Now bask in the holy glow of the almighty CISUS!

Giving y’all Janet “Scream” realness

Ciara I'm Out 1

*Teehee* I just shat on these bitches

Ciara I'm Out 2

Nicki gurl, this is how you get a big ass the natural way

Ciara I'm Out 3

Ciara >>>>>>>>>>> Marilyn Monroe

Ciara I'm Out 4


Ciara I'm Out 5

The edgy new fashion icon of the music industry has ARRIVED

Ciara I'm Out 6

Wet ‘n’ wild supermodel sex appeal

Ciara I'm Out 7

Mmmm yass honey I am prettier than Rihanna and Beyonce you know they can’t do it like Ci this is v.i.p. entry only bew ;)

Ciara I'm Out 8

Cisus is back y’all. Is that gonna be a problem??? Didn’t think so

Ciara I'm Out 9

And here’s the video.