Brown Eyed Girls Recipe

The almighty Brown Eyed Girls just released a new single called “Recipe,” and you know what means, right? Yup, it’s time to forget every other K-pop comeback of 2013 (especially a certain reggae one…) and bow down to the real Queens of K-pop.

Like their Cuban drinking anthem, “Hot Shot,” “Recipe” is another dazzling buzz single that’s aimed at reeling in listeners outside of the typical idol-pop fold before the group inevitably drops its next “Abracadabra” or “Sixth Sense.” But that’s not to say that BEG hasn’t gone all out for “Recipe”: They’ve assembled a hip-hop dream team to craft the song, snagging producer Primary for the production, and Dynamic Duo’s Choiza to co-write the lyrics with Miryo.

Primary’s an excellent producer and currently one of the biggest stars on the Korean hip-hop scene, but one of his flaws is his lack of female collaborations. “Recipe” remedies this, marrying Primary’s synthesized funk with the feminine sensuality of the Brown Eyed Girls. It’s something he should’ve done a long time ago, but it’s not surprising to see BEG as the ones to break the pattern — they are K-pop trailblazers, after all.

Never ones to skimp on the sauciness, BEG turn up the heat by using food-as-sex metaphors to sing about seducing a potential lover. “I want to peel you like a tangerine / I want to know what’s inside,” they coo over Primary’s squelchy synths and funkadelic hip-pop. The entire song is essentially just a string of breathless come-ons and harmonized moans, which isn’t just unbelievably sexy, but also proves that BEG doesn’t need to belt to remain the finest female vocal group in pop music today.

But as wonderful as the entire group is, “Recipe” is really Miryo’s song — and it’s about damn time, too. Miryo’s potential is rarely fulfilled on BEG’s songs, so it’s pretty amazing to hear her rapping like a boss and referencing Tupac (“How do you want it, baby / how do you feel?“) on a Brown Eyed Girls song that she wrote herself. ‘Cos really, what’s the point in having one of the best female rappers and lyricists in Korea if you’re not going to utilize her properly?

When it comes to girl groups, Brown Eyed Girls have been unrivaled since their debut, and “Recipe” only further extends their lead over the competition. What more proof do you need when their mere buzz single is already one of the best K-pop songs of the year?

 Rated: 9/10