2NE1 Falling In Love Beach Feature

So, like, what’s the deal with Bom’s face? 2NE1 dropped two new teaser photos for their upcoming reggae single, “Falling In Love,” this week, but Bom’s immobile mug makes them look more like promos for The Real Housewives of Korea.

I’m trying to decide if she just can’t move the thing because all the botox and fillers physically won’t allow her to, or if she’s purposely not smiling with the rest of her bandmates because when she does it just makes all her nips and tucks look even more noticeable than simply staring blankly does.

Anyway, Bom aside, can I just say that I’m actually kind of looking forward to hearing this song? My gut tells me that it’ll be totally mediocre, but I’ve convinced myself to be positive and unbiased so I can readily accept it on the off chance that it’s flawless. 2NE1’s music is usually pretty good for the most part, it’s just their image that’s boring, delusional stans that are horrible, and overrated everything that turns people off.

2NE1 Falling In Love