Beyonce Troll

Beyonce’s an idiot, but her stans are even dumber for buying into her shit. She’s been trolling her stans and the public all year, and I fucking love it because it reminds me what birdbrains people are.

First she released that scripted self-indulgent piece of tripe, Life Is But a Dream, to trick the world into reevaluating 4 as some kind of slept-on masterpiece, then she performed songs from the album at the Super Bowl just to drive the point home. She then let everyone think that she had a new album on the way just so y’all would buy tickets to see The Mrs. Carter Show, a.k.a. 4lop’s belated world tour.

Lmao, you guys thought you would actually see her perform her new single and shit!

Among her desperate and egotistical attempts to try and erase 4 as a flop from the pop history books, Beyawnce has been on a relentless hype campaign to make sure that her new album doesn’t disappoint like its predecessor did. After realizing that her popularity was dwindling in the face of newer pop stars like Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, and of course, Rihanna, eBey has been doing the absolute most to force us to get excited about her wannabe-big comeback. On top of her hypocritical Pepsi endorsement, she’s been all over tumblr in an attempt to connect with the kids (notice that she’s not too good for social media the minute her record sales dip), as well as releasing song scraps and snippets all over the place for buzz without an official single or album announcement in sight. We’ve heard “Grown Woman” in the Pepsi commercial, “Standing On The Sun” from her tacky H&M ad, and the try-hard trap music of “Bow Down.” Oh yeah, and she also featured on a track from Kelly Rowland’s latest album, which is something she never would’ve never done a year ago.

Bey’s now updated her official website, complete with a video teaser, and as expected, it’s sent the stans and blogs into a frenzy since they’re all dumb enough to play right into Joker B’s paws. Are you fools really gullible enough to let eBey brainwash y’all into thinking she’s about to make the most iconic pop comeback since The Emancipation of Mimi? Gurl, bye.

In other news, Rihanna’s working on her next album and I can’t wait to see her continue to cockblock butt-padded Bey on the Hot 100, just as she has done done for years now.