arcadey blog

Hi h@t3rz!

Welcome to my new website, arcadey. I hope you like it. If you don’t, please keep it to yourself, coz I ain’t here for that shit.

As you can see, I just went with something simple and clean that would be easy to read and navigate. I’ve added a “Shade” tab for anything shady I write, a “West” tab for all Western stuff, and an “East” tab for all the K-pop and J-pop.

The sidebar has a poll which I’ll update every week or two. Feel free to tweet me poll suggestions. There’s also RKD NOW, which lists five of the hottest and most relevant songs right now according to the only person who matters (me). I’ll update that every week, so it’ll be like the Hot 100, just way better.

Thanks for all the supportive emails, tweets, and Facebook messages you guys have sent me asking me to come back. They’re very much appreciated, and if you’re attractive and over the age of 20, feel free to send me naked photos of yourself, too.

By the way, my name is Jacques for anybody who doesn’t know. You can call me that, because The Prophet is dead. He was cremated and nobody showed up to his funeral :(

I hope you like the new style and direction of the site, and if you don’t, there’s plenty of other blogs to read.

Heidi Montag Wine Gif

P.S. I like my kisses down low.