Natalia Kills Problem Music Video

“Problem,” also known as Natalia Kills’ industrial rock/riot grrrl/urban/pop-punk/everything ode to female delinquency, now has a music video.

Kills plays the role of the bad girl so well in real life that watching her wreak havoc across town in her panties and a pair of overpriced designer shoes in a music video just looks like second nature. Most of the clip is devoted to Kills looking fashionably sexy, but she finds time to plug Cherrytree Cola walk her pit bull. She also masturbates in a phone booth, upsets Paula Deen by making out with a hot black dude, and strolls the street in a g-string and fishnets.

In other words: BITCH SERVED!

Enjoy “Problem” for the rest of the week, because the next single from Kills’ upcoming Trouble album, “Saturday Night,” drops July 2nd.

  • Jason

    Good to see you back, Jacques. Another good video from Natalia. Still baffled that she hasn’t taken off yet. Speaking of which, have you seen Robyn’s new video for her Body Talk track? It’s so amazing, I almost forgot about We Can’t Stop for a minute.

  • Johnta Oneil

    not feeling this, or any of the other stuff she has released so far for the new album.

  • rentrule12

    She is beautiful. I love her whole look.

  • UncleFan

    20 years from now, this song will appear on a Tarantino soundtrack, but I’ll be the only person in the theater who nods his head in recognition. What kind of Satanic force is keeping this starlet from going supernova? Every song, every video this chick does makes me want to f-ck the shit out of her… but #no1curr.

    Where is the justice?

  • Emii Gems

    what a slut in
    a good way though :)

  • Nuvo

    #popbitchesdecapitated Not only has Natalia revealed her potent sexuality in this video but she has shown how utterly creative she is by mining stories from her past and presenting it into a song where you can either mosh to it or twerk to it! Brilliant…real Trouble for the lame industry chicks is coming!