Amelle Berrabah Love Is All We Need

Like most people, I assumed that the ‘Sugababes’ had quit showbiz forever following the reformation of MKS, but apparently they’re still around. Amelle Berrabah thinks she’s working with Dr. Luke on a solo album, but before she slays the charts with the next Teenage Dream, she’s featured on a dance track by some dude named Adam J called “Love Is All We Need.”

Given the dated production and Amelle’s sleepy vocal delivery, I’m wondering if she recorded it after her 2010 drink driving arrest. Girlfriend sounds asleep at the wheel mumbling over Adam J’s pedestrian club-pop and brostep squiggles. I like Amelle and I wasn’t even that mad when she replaced Kween Mutya during the height of my Sugababes stanning, but I’d rather just go listen to the re-recorded “Red Dress” or that old Tinchy Stryder track than this.

In related news, HAW (Heidi, Amelle, Whatshername) are planning to make a comeback next year. Will the world be ready for another “Freedom” by that point, or will it still be too soon?