Crayon Pop Bar Bar Bar Music Video

Is it a mere coincidence that Prophet Blog faves, Crayon Pop, released the life-defining music video for their latest musical masterpiece, “Bar Bar (+Bar),” at the same time my new website launched, or is it some kind of divine intervention? I’m going with the latter, as it’s a scientifically proven fact that anything related to the legendary Slayon Pope is ordained by the Gods above.

I’m not quite sure what to say about the Popes’ “Bar Bar (+Bar)” video, as it’s something that cannot be accurately described in words. It’s a feeling. An experience. To watch the “Bar Bar (+Bar)” video is to be transported into a utopia so perfect that it’s beyond simple human comprehension. Once you’ve entered this magical realm, your soul will forever bare the tattoo of the Popes’ celestial pen. Food will taste better, grass will be greener, and sex will become more pleasurable. Every aspect of one’s life will be changed for the better the moment they’ve been marked by the cosmic Crayola Kweens.

As for all of the devil-worshiping haters out there who are blaspheming against the Divine Five over their recent ilbe scandal, y’all should know that it was clearly a publicity stunt designed to get you small-minded peasants to talk about them. Don’t you know that you’ll never get one over the Popes of Pop? You’re all just pathetic pawns in Crayon Pop’s game, and that’s all you’ll ever be.

  • byoing~byoing.

    Crayon Pop is everything that’s right with K-Pop for all the quirky reasons.
    I honestly miss a lot of the lighthearted antics that K-Pop once had in abundance. EVERYTHING seems so serious and polished all the time now and while it’s an extremely admirable feat, sometimes it’s necessary to have fun and these girls always deliver.

  • UncleFan

    There are only TWO celebrity artifacts I’d be willing to pay cold hard cash for… Front 242’s goggles and Crayon Pop’s helmets. Iconic.

    EDIT: Actually, I would probably pay good money for one of Devo’s helmets, too, but I fear the price would astronomical.

  • norimix

    You planned this.. You waited for them to release their new single to relaunch. LOL.. Love the new look BTW. Easier on the eyes.

  • Laurence Nope

    writing this message after figuring out how to haunt a pencil to type one letter at a time on the keyboard. i thought my body was ready but it clearly wasn’t, and it now grows colder on the floor with a perpetual grin on my goofy ex-face. be careful out there.

  • Sharon

    OMG, I haven’t watched the dance ver of this, its friggen awesome!

  • lildarien

    This might just be the track that turns me into a stan.

  • omg what scandal?

  • Emii Gems

    I didnt like “Dancing Queen” that much but ” Bar x3″ is soo cute and addicting to listen to.

  • Kris

    Bing Bing was better.

  • Amazing.
    Also filming outside. All other artists take note, there is sunlight outside.

  • SD

    The fanchants on some of their recent music show appearances are amazing (especially the 6/28 Music Bank – which I can’t seem to find on YouTube anymore).

    Their fanbase might be small, but it’s pretty hardcore.

  • WKW

    Crayon pop will never die. So long as my heart is beating.