Crayon Pop Bar Bar Bar Music Video

Is it a mere coincidence that Prophet Blog faves, Crayon Pop, released the life-defining music video for their latest musical masterpiece, “Bar Bar (+Bar),” at the same time my new website launched, or is it some kind of divine intervention? I’m going with the latter, as it’s a scientifically proven fact that anything related to the legendary Slayon Pope is ordained by the Gods above.

I’m not quite sure what to say about the Popes’ “Bar Bar (+Bar)” video, as it’s something that cannot be accurately described in words. It’s a feeling. An experience. To watch the “Bar Bar (+Bar)” video is to be transported into a utopia so perfect that it’s beyond simple human comprehension. Once you’ve entered this magical realm, your soul will forever bare the tattoo of the Popes’ celestial pen. Food will taste better, grass will be greener, and sex will become more pleasurable. Every aspect of one’s life will be changed for the better the moment they’ve been marked by the cosmic Crayola Kweens.

As for all of the devil-worshiping haters out there who are blaspheming against the Divine Five over their recent ilbe scandal, y’all should know that it was clearly a publicity stunt designed to get you small-minded peasants to talk about them. Don’t you know that you’ll never get one over the Popes of Pop? You’re all just pathetic pawns in Crayon Pop’s game, and that’s all you’ll ever be.